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WP2. Development and use of molecular markers and selection of new varieties with multiple resistance traits

Among the apple diseases, some may have lethal effect on tree (i.e. phytoplasmosis, fire blight), others (i.e. scab, oidium) require increasingly invasive and costly treatments to protect crop. This WP concerns the genetic improvement of the resistance traits naturally present in varieties resulting from the introgression of single characteristics and not qualitatively competitive. The following objectives will be pursued: 1) development of molecular markers associated with resistance genes; 2) combination of multiple resistance traits in genetic lines useful for crossing and selection programmes; 3) creation of lines resistant to the most common apple diseases and qualitatively comparable to commercially available varieties.



WP leader: G. Cipriani (UniUD). - Participants: UNIUD, UNIBO, FEM-IASMA, CReSO, UNIMI