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Aim of the WP




4. Optimization of the production chain, its traceability, and fruit quality assessment. This will be pursued by:


o    New methods to enhance fruit homogeneity. The non-destructive portable and stationary DA-Meter and the DAFL will allow to enhance fruit homogeneity of batches of harvested fruits and thus establish different fruit classes. These instruments are able to collect a consistent amount of data allowing to drive the following operations, such as the choice of the storage strategy, the type of market, the need to apply chemical tools to prolong storage and shelf-life.


o    Advanced traceability system. An advanced traceability tool based on the DAFL (a belt adjustable to each fruit carrying a small detector able to record the IAD evolution in cold storage conditions) will be used. The DAFL will also measure temperature and relative humidity. All the acquired information will be transferred in real time to a centralized system to optimize storage strategy and distribution.


o    Comparison between instrumental and sensorial fruit quality assessment. Fruits grouped in classes according to a uniform ripening will be tested by consumers in order to have an indication of the overall fruit quality, and find a link between instrumental and perceived quality.