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WP6. Experimental Plan


The overall plan for dissemination will be articulated within 3 main lines of activity. The different partners will bear responsibility at different levels for the fulfilment of the plan, and will receive grants proportional to the assigned tasks.

The 3 lines of activity are defined as follows:

  1. events comprising scientific dissemination (meetings at the end of the project), skill dissemination (training on methods/techniques developed and adopted in the project), professional day for the entire fruit chain;
  2. interaction with media (TV, press, radio, internet resources) active within the Regions where the AGER Foundation is present; website;
  3. publications;
  4. pilot plot;

Lines 1, 3 and 4 are assigned to each individual partner, with the under standing that at least one event of the first category must be realized by each partner during the project duration.

Line 2 will be under the responsibility of DCA-UNIBO partner which will devise, coordinate, and implement a plan of media opportunities aimed at profiling the project on a local (TV, radio, press) and international (internet resources) level. All participating units will be involved in the realisation of this line of activity.